Over the years I’ve collected a lot of things, ranging from the complete original Kenner Star Wars toy line and Beatles albums and ’45s to the graphic novels by Hugo Pratt and Didier Comès. Since the turn of the millennium, I focus on furniture, arts and crafts and -of course- household products that were made between 1900 and 1980. Why that rather large era? Well, I like all things appealing and those modernists knew how to combine beauty and function. Although many products were already mass produced in the 60s and 70s, they still obtained a certain quality. After 1980 ‘Made in Taiwan’ kicked in full force and postmodernism paved the way for a lot of, imho, poor design and architectural misfits.

Collecting design furniture and lighting for me means: sell an item to buy one. The main reason is that I cannot afford to have a houseful of design pieces, but I also like to change the scenery once in a while. The focal pieces from let’s say Arne Jacobsen, Poul Henningsen, Verner Panton and Cees Braakman are staying, the rest is…well…open for discussion. Being a design freak and architecture fan also requires a lot free time, visiting (online) markets, (online) arts and crafts shops and the occasional thrift store. Holidays are covered with museums and garden parks and I’m always on the lookout for beautiful buildings, details in doors and windows, statues and even street furniture. I literally walk with my head up high, aiming for a great sight. You can find the results at this blog. Enjoy.

Kind regards,